Craftsmanship and Fine Wine at Grove Estate

4100 Murringo Road, Young,

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Craftsmanship and Fine Wine

Metal and Wood Unite in Harmony with Nature:
 - Sculptures in the Vineyard





Come and admire David Schulz's inspiring Metal Creations and Jeff Peady's elegant Wood Sculptures at Grove Estate Vineyard.  Book a wine tasting before you arrive and experience award-winning wines from the Hilltops Region🍷

4100 Murringo Road, Young
Wednesday 13 - Sunday 24 March 2024
10am - 4pm

Update:  closed for a private function from 12pm on Saturday 16 March.


🔧 David Schulz's Unique Metal Creations: David possesses a rare talent, transforming discarded items like old drill chucks, sheep shear blade wings, and fence wire into amazing handmade art forms. His creations breathe new life into forgotten metals through upcycling, recycling, and ingenious reuse.  Each piece tells a unique story, a testament to David's remarkable ability to see beauty, where others may not.

In 2023, David captivated audiences at the Sculptures in the Garden at Mudgee, enhancing his status as a standout exhibitor. His metal masterpieces have found homes across NSW and the ACT through exhibitions, markets, and online platforms. Be prepared for new additions and surprises as David continues to unleash his creativity on the go. Explore his original artwork, metal designs, sculptures, and more on his Facebook page - a treasure trove of his artistic brilliance.

🐴 Jeff Peady's Wooden Elegance: Enter the enchanting world of Jeff Peady, one of the Hilltops Region's exceptional artists, renowned for his wood sculptures. Crafted from locally sourced wood, Jeff's pieces are a testament to the beauty that can be carved from nature itself.  During the Hilltops Off The Beaten Track Art & Cultural Trail you can view Jeff's captivating works here at Grove Estate Winery, at the Back Road Exhibition at Forever Young Gallery and at Jugiong Wine Cellar.

🎤 Hear from Jeff Peady: Are you curious about the passion behind Jeff's craft? Click the link to delve into Jeff's world and hear more about the inspiration that fuels his wood carving expertise.



About Grove Estate

Grove Estate is located in the delightful Hilltops Region near Young, New South Wales, Australia, Grove Estate have quietly built an international following for their wines, which include traditional French and Italian varietals, all multi award winning wines. The extraordinary partnership of viticulturist Brian Mullany with winemakers Tim Kirk and Bryan Martin has resulted in a run of notable wines that have produced exciting results at many Wine Shows across Australia. One Hero product is our Shiraz Viognier, as well as some superb Italian varieties - Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Barbera and wonderful traditional varieties that complement the range.



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